Multimedia Library Documentation

Getting Started

The Dashboard is the “home” screen you see when you log in. Here you’ll find some of our favourite files and/or files relevant to up and coming special events in Alberta.

You can customize your own Dashboard by adding your favourite categories or custom search results.
See Viewing.

Return to your home screen any time by clicking the Dashboard button in the middle of the top tool bar.

Click anywhere in the grey area under the button on the far left hand side to reveal or hide the categories list in the Search Panel.

Click anywhere in the grey area under the button on the far right hand side to reveal or hide the Cart Panel.

From the Search Panel, on the Browse tab, you’ll find a list of categories where you can browse photos, videos, text, logos and other multimedia files.

Category names with an arrow to the left can be expanded. Click a category name to display thumbnails in the main window.

The Searches tab lists your favourite saved searches – see Searching for more details.

Type a keyword in the Quick Search field to quickly return results, or specify several criteria such as file type and location by clicking the Advanced Search button. See Searching for more details.

From the Cart Panel you can save, share and download multiple files.
See Saving for more details.

NOTE: Do NOT use your browser’s Back button. This will close the Library and you’ll need to log back in.